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Save time and eliminate the hassles of filling out dental registration forms when you visit us.

For your convenience, simply download and print the forms below.

Just complete before you visit, and remember the forms when you visit us for the first time.

Also, be kind to us and provide us with your insurance information before your appointment and please bring your insurance card (if available) at the time of your appointment.


  • If you are pregnant, we are going to need a medical clearance in writing by your OBGYN.

  • If you have children with you at the time of your appointment, please bring someone to take care of them.

  • If you are under a major medical treatment, we are going to need a medical clearance in writing from your doctor.

  • If you are taking any medication, please bring a list with you.

Patient Registration


Medical History


Registración del Paciente


Historial Médico


To serve you better and in timely manner, please let us know if you have seen another provider. We most likely are going to need x-rays before your appointment, please fill out dental release form and email it us and carbon copy (cc) to your previous provider.


  • Please verify which office you are going to, east or south.

Dental Release Form

(East Office)

Dental Release Form

(South Office)

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